Friday, April 06, 2007

Like A Rock

Today the Space Cadet didn't go to work... great. He slept all day until 5:30pm. His first and only activity was walking to the corner deli to buy a 30 pack of 'Extra Gold'. He's sitting on his ass now, resting up for the long night of beer drinking and peeing. I'm in a good mood today regardless of the impending doom the night brings here. I spotted a potential steal on a new house listing today and am checking into it further ASAP.

Here's a pic of the Zombie's car. He has to get in and out through the passenger side as the driver's door no longer opens since the accident. He could just bend the metal back to fix the door but that would require physical effort so it's better just left as-is. Hard to see, but the front tire is bowed inwards. The interior of the car pretty much looks like his room.

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